Where do they go, once you let them go through your port (number)?

As you know, UDP is stateless (or to called connectionless). So there is no guaranteed delivery to destination (nor promise what being returned to you).

UDP grow rapidly in popularity last years. Common known areas is online gaming, media streaming, online collaboration and even some data intensive business applications rely on UDP. It’s also nice to mention services like Wifi loves UDP to distribute discovery information to the network.

However, with UDP came critical levels of security risks. Beside that you, by protocol definition. don’t know for sure if the packets is delivered (or not), you also send information that are capable to redirect, transform or drop without further notice. When they return, you think you know what come back – but don’t know for sure.

So the retoric question: Do you care or know in detail what data you provide in UDP packages? Once the data is kept in a encrypted transfer, is fine, as long as the encryption is secured.

Happy weekend 🙂