We are in mourning of MsPaint – But remember the destiny of File manager for 20 years ago?

Loud barks does echo around the Internet regarding the discontinuation of MS Paint in Windows.

Somebody here remember the voices when MS did the same with “File Manager” (winfile.exe) into the latest versions of Windows 3.1 and the server Windows NT 3.5 era? The loss of WinFile was a catastroph in productivity until Total Commander save the world.

But that’s also a part of history and today only dinosaurs know about it. Now let’s mourn about Ms Paint and make some guess about what will be discontinued at about 20 years, at year 2037. What is your best guess?

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MS Paint is here to stay

MS Paint fans rejoice: The original art app isn’t going anywhere – except to the Windows Store for free!

On top of this, Microsoft comment that Paint3D will be the next. Even though the titles, classic paint move out from Windows and need to be fetched from Windows Store.

Little better destiny than File Manager (that faced a large number of technical limitations towards modern operating systems.