Typical resistance threshold, showed in numbers

Some kind of natural law with treshold of resistance. Once one level is passed, then up to next “level”.

Let’s start off..

First you start with 0
– You strive or struggle to reach your first. 1.

Once you reached 1
– You strive or struggle to double up, being 2

Once you got it doubled up (2)
– You strive or struggle to get multiple of 10, being 20

Once you reached 20
– You start strive or struggle to again get multiple of 10, being 200

Once you reached 200
– You being tempted to gain another multiple of 10, being 2.000

Once you reached 2.000
– You, here, how hard can it be to again gain a multiple of 10?? You aim for the five numbers, being 20.000.

Once you reach 20.000
– Here you feel it’s enough easy to do something more of what you done. Why not again multiple by 10, so you get 200.000

Once you reach the 200.000
– You are probably very hungry to hit the legendary million count, and would certainly not stop here. You aim for another multiple of 10, being 2.000.000

Once you hit the million, and reach the 2nd
– You already get the thing but might be obsessed to pass the 10th million, or you stop care about racing, here.


When can this be of relevance? Pretty often, right?

  • Money earnings?
  • Number of sales?
  • Number of Dolce & Gabbana garments?
  • Website page count visits?
  • Number of miles driven?
  • Collecting of items of particular kind?
  • Number of reads of a LinkedIn-Post?
  • Number of Tweets you done?
  • Number of comments you done on Quora?
  • Citizens you impact oppionion on?
  • ..your bet!