Who are Brainart

What do BrainArt do?

BrainArt is a community of a ever growing collection of IT or meta related articles. We try to write texts that are thoughfull for readers. The writers is skilled or concerned in IT in any way.

Are you interested in contribute? Just try to contact us. There is no formal membership. We like to focus on anything that make sense. Meta, versatile, high-tech, low-tech, behaviors, trends, long writings or short ideas. The point is to send ideas or eventually even to effect a opinion.

Distribute our word

We want to be seen and distributed. Do you think an article make sense? Please distribute it.


Nothing come if no-one act. The best way to avoid criticsm, is to not act. This is the personas that make this page.

WhoAreWe - Mister T

T is the diplomatic  of us, that bring all together and looking mostly into the whole. If you try to find a weak spot on him, don’t try to be lazy!


Flarn is our brilliant sharp edged tech geek. She  does not know everything, but you may be surprised in how much.


Our eye for design, simplification and filtering out unneccesary or overflous. Without Skinner, this site would be a Notepad++ mess-up. He is versatile and of use everywhere.

WhoAreWe - Mister T WhoAreWe - Mister T

What should a contributor do without a visionary, an adventurist. You find Dundee in a Gorilla dress in wood or kids rain gear in the park. She love roles and plays. If an idea sounds crazy or colourful, its probably influed by her.


Thanks to him, we have some control on our actions. He prefer to conform almost everything into a “do you have an idea what this mean?”-manner. He is most visible in our Draft/ Bin/ NotPublished area.

Why are we here

To care about IT, give insights to “what to want” and “make the world better” for our next generation.

How do we work out

Like a multi-color-led can be used for different colours, a person can simulate different personas. We try the brain art way.